Monday, June 14, 2010

Helping Chronic Pain Sufferers

The first stop for most chronic pain sufferers is somewhere in the realm of what science has to offer. It’s only logical because there is where medical practitioners reside. But, a big problem begins when reality kicks in and many discover that medicine can’t cure or sometimes even thoroughly treat a lot of cases.
After medicine fails in any way, the search for that magic pill or remedy begins and many sufferers will fall prey to numerous schemes and deceptions along the way. Pain is a big commodity and many businesses want to tap into potential profits from it. Proof of that is all over the internet, on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, et cetera. Chronic pain sufferers as valuable commodities are a target, and I admit that some of those magic bullet cures fired at them can be quite appealing. Lies can be convincing. The result is that most chronic pain sufferers that feel in any way slighted by medicine or proposed scams fall into one or more of the stages along the path to acceptance of Complete Chronic Pain Condition.
While in any of those stages such as denial or depression, for example, they are usually oblivious to any alternative help. Medical science effectively treats the top portion of sufferers while the remainder which represent the majority are left to linger in their self-inflicted limbo. There they are incapable of acquiring help mainly because they don’t seek it. It’s almost as if they are denying any measure of assistance if they can’t have the whole enchilada. Some may need a little encouragement to be pointed in the right direction, others might require a gentle push.
I realize this because I have personally been through those devastating stages. And, I took this factor into account when founding the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization. I knew getting members was going to be a long haul and would develop in stages. The benefits of belonging to an organization where help is provided might seem logical to someone viewing from the outside in. But while in any of those developmental stages of Complete Chronic Pain Condition the victim is cut off from most reason. This is why in many cases it’s necessary for the loved ones of chronic pain sufferers to take action. After all, in the majority of cases, they are part of the scenario. If they are closely involved in the life of an afflicted person they too are being affected.
We at the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization wish you will join us. We await your arrival.

–Dave Navarria

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