Monday, June 14, 2010

How Will The Failing Economy Affect Chronic Pain Sufferers?

It's going to make many more of us. In short, if we're not especially careful, we will get screwed! Unfortunately, I think that first most chronic pain sufferers shall get screwed a little further into their private little netherworld. But then, there will be even more than an average amount of us in the very near future. There will be an unprecedented amount of us and much suffering in store for most people. But, the failing economy and the greater wrath that it is causing will bring forth even worse things. To understand my predictions, one must first understand the truth about why the economy is collapsing all around us.

The simplistic answer to the economic crisis is that almost "everybody" crossed the line of greed. It's as simple as that. Most, however, have always adverted to this type of personal action as "acceptable greed." It has always been a preferred term because most of us conjecture that a lighter measure of greed was an inescapable human trait. Very few people capitulate the fact that all greed is a dark, dirty, rock-bottom unrighteousness. Anyhow, many of us went way too far. Amidst the carnival-like atmosphere of demonstrations from financial experts and politicians and, all the "pomp and circumstance" that complement them, we have all overlooked that simple elucidation – that our greed got us here!

Based on that premise, I feel that without deep human change, there can be no constructive rejuvenation – the time for that has passed if we adhere to our greed. It is I think a matter of just how far we will sink and how much damage we will incur; the destruction could be very severe and possibly bring an end of us as a nation, or even worse. The same people that put us into this predicament will thwart any constructive proposal for a positive solution. These predictions of mine I published several years ago in my book, Complete Chronic Pain Condition. I abhorred to be the bearer of bad news then as I do now, but, truth is truth and we have been headed in a negative direction for a very long time. In such a scenario, all would be affected: the rich as well as the poor, the saints as well as the sinners, and suffering will be rampant. We did this to ourselves because we allowed it. We allowed our world to crumble while our politicians whispered sweet nothings in our ears. So, I allude to a statement made at the end of William Shakespeare’s, Romeo And Juliet: "All are Punished."

I know that this is not the type of article that makes for enjoyable reading and I surely did not enjoy writing it; I pray I am wrong. Our only hope left is a conversion of the human heart which in current times I feel is not much to bank on. I do, however, dream of that alternative. It is time for a change people–a change on an individual basis.

–Dave Navarria

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