Monday, June 14, 2010

An Introduction To Complete Chronic Pain Condition

In the medical arena pain is a wide open field of study. For purposes here, I am referring to the general interpretation of pain within a society. In that domain there are thought to be two categories of pain: acute and chronic and many people confuse the two as it is very easy to do in some cases. Everybody will suffer from some type of pain at some point in his or her life. I consider pain to be of the physical state as well as the mental state. The measurement of that pain will be based on the individual’s tolerance level among other things. Acute pain, as intense as it can be in certain situations, will subside in time. That duration differs based on many factors including the circumstances as well as the individual. Chronic pain is the stubborn type that for whatever reason is insistent to remain. I’ve determined that the average period for pain to be diagnosed as chronic is about six months. I base that on research done of the opinions of medical practitioners. It means that if pain remains fairly consistent for about six months it is considered chronic pain. Now, there’s not a doorway that the sufferer walks through at the stroke of six months, but it is rather an estimate of a time allowance. Most chronic pain classifications reveal themselves as such and are dramatic in their inclination to remain. It is that type of pain that is openly consistent and obvious as such. I did, however, mention that there are confusing aspects of pain and one of them is that acute pain can be recurring. If supposed acute episodes repeat enough, the pain can be classified as chronic. So, in some borderline cases, the diagnosis is not necessarily a simple feat.
There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain is the direct result of a cause. Suffering is the entire experience of pain and everything that accompanies it. The type and intensity of pain is but one of several factors that regulates the extent of the ordeal of suffering. As if chronic pain wasn’t enough in itself, it usually develops into a condition of “other things.” I refer to it as Complete Chronic Pain Condition. It is the progressive accumulation of things that develop from harboring chronic pain for an extended amount of time. In other words, it’s the whole mess, and that mess can lead to an escalation of the original affliction and additional afflictions.

–Dave Navarria

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