Monday, June 14, 2010

Life issues construct the foundation on which chronic pain treatment is built

When I researched for my book Complete Chronic Pain Condition (CCPC): An Overview I realized that there was a bigger picture to the issue of chronic pain than I had realized. The venture of trying to encapsulate that grander scheme was near impossible and it was apparent that something beyond a book was required. I edited much of what I had written into a book that is an overview to serve as a companion piece for the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization (CCPC Organization).
In the process of writing my book I found that I had to touch base on several controversial issues to accurately convey what comprises that world of chronic pain and the wake that follows it. The unavoidable truth is that issues of life (those themes that seem to be so abundant today) contribute greatly to the world of chronic pain. If human life is not cherished and dignified, how can we expect the treatment of chronic pain to be even marginally adequate? We are becoming a society that is adhering to mass greed and our overall actions are defining us to have an irreverence for human life in general. There have never before been brought to the decision-making table as many various issues that will ultimately direct the outcome of humanity. While people are starving and war is raging, most of the more fortunate are confronted with the dilemma of what type or brand of HDTV to buy.
People are conditioned by driving forces like government, media, and other methods of selling something to them. Their perception of chronic pain is that it is merely a single or two-dimensional problem and not a multifaceted dilemma that really exists. When you delve deeply into the dark world of chronic pain as I did, you will discover that many of the things that really cause chronic pain and the condition that follows it are socially rooted. Look closely and you will see the consequences of many of the debated life issues in action. Upon scrutiny you will see that many of the same things that comprise the cause also make up the governing forces for the treatment – and that’s scary!

–Dave Navarria

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