Monday, June 14, 2010

The Strongest Weapon of Mass Destruction

The media caused one of the greatest damages to our current society. It is without a doubt the strongest weapon of mass destruction. It has almost destroyed the American democracy. Freedom of speech in America is almost extinct. The current "replacement freedom of speech" is only a guise to pacify us under the umbrella of control where most Americans truly reside. We are undoubtedly living in an occupied country – a status attained by the mind control influences of the media.

Greed went completely out of kilter in the last fifty years. One-by-one, all aspects of the media, while in their progressive developmental stages – television, radio, cinema, video games, the internet, print, et cetera – fell under the control of greed. Even the once revered news media succumbed to the effects of this dreaded disease. There is no longer an obligation to report the news but only tweaked facts fabricated by those in power.

The entertainment and news media is now solely governed by big business, corporate America. The result is that people no longer make informed decisions, but instead are directed. This applies to all people in all demographic categories. Any serious, large-scale attempt to exercise freedom of speech is squashed. The freedom movements of the sixties are history. They could not exist in the social climate dominated by today’s media. You really don’t need me to tell you this; if you look closely you can see it for yourself.

The entertainment media has already robbed the society of all moral value. Now it’s in the completion process of molding a greedy, aggressive, overly competitive generation that will readily accept whatever directives are given. Hand in hand with the news media, the entertainment media is leading us along a path to destruction. It’s ironic that what was initiated to protect, educate and entertain (the media) was able to be bought, and will ultimately destroy us.

–Dave Navarria

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  1. David, you've hit the nail on the head, exactly. My husband and I both are chronic pain sufferers and also see what's happening in this country and the world today with the GREED. Thank you for your insight and understanding. Today, the "new" doctor at our medical complex sat there and LIED to my husband about antidepressants and how this 'new' one would help his pain. Eli Lilly hopes to make 2 billion dollars off this drug in its first year. And so it goes, on and on, will these lies never end?