Monday, June 14, 2010

The Walking Dead

It is theorized that a message transmitted from earth to a destination in deep space light years away would take thousands of years to arrive. Would any part of such a memorandum have meaning for anyone living anywhere so far ahead in the future? Or, is it just a futile attempt to attain immortality? I often feel this to be true of the blogs and articles that I write. For my own self-fulfillment, am I reaching too far to an audience that for all intent and purpose is as good as dead?
I knew that reaching the mentally and physically impaired sufferers of chronic pain would not be an easy task. I learned that lesson when I interacted with them throughout the years I researched the tragedy from which they suffer. Most of the seriously afflicted have regressed to what I refer to as the “walking dead.” They exist in a limbo, victims of what their instinctive reflexes will allow. Some are angry, others too disgusted to exert any energy at all. Most are in a depressed state and accomplish very few constructive things if any at all. I know all too well the reality of such a somber state because I used to be among these “walking dead.” Then I was aroused and that inspired me to try to wake my dead compeers, to let them know that there is a method to another place.
There are many sites on the internet with the intention of assisting chronic pain sufferers. Most are admirable and sincere, some are scams and others are fronts for something the medical industry is selling. The Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization is unique in the sense that it is one of the few organizations with the ideal of improving the complete world of chronic pain. It doesn’t focus on the afflictions causing the pain but instead on the real culprit – the persistent pain and all that goes along with it! That means taking a cold, hard look at all of the causes, symptoms, treatments, availability of treatment, stigmas, social pressure, depression and anxiety, abuse, violence, et cetera. The list goes on but gets more and more ugly as it does. But these are the things that must be addressed if such a beast as chronic pain is going to be tackled.
Chronic pain can be conquered, but it will take a tremendous effort and involvement by a lot of people, and time. If you question that logic, just think back to the woman’s rights and civil rights movements of the sixties. People got together and made a positive change!
In the period of time required for transition, the unification of members of the Complete Chronic Pain Condition Organization (CCPC Organization) can harvest other advantages. As with the aforementioned movements of the sixties, there is strength in numbers. That same strength that is required to confront and address change in the world of chronic pain can provide those advantages. Like the American Association of Retired People (AARP), the CCPC Organization could potentially provide benefits like insurance, healthcare, and many other forms of assistance.
Another asset of the CCPC Organization is that it encourages interaction – and that’s probably the best medicine of all. Members can learn from each other, avoid mistakes and common pitfalls while acquiring moral support, encouragement and direction. If a sufferer is too far-gone to participate, a loved one can pick up the ball for him or her. Many times that participation can mean the basis of purpose because such involvement is a productive thing.
Sufferers can take action or go into fetal position and join the denizens of the “walking dead.” If they do take action and begin the journey to self-improvement, my job will be a whole lot easier because I won’t rest until they do and I won’t feel as if I’m sending messages into deep space!

–Dave Navarria

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